I'd like you to meet Gwennie
Although the Cottage on Curry Road,
 is not old enough to have such a spirit,
 we do have some interesting 
things happen 
that we just can't explain.
I would like to think 
that the purfume we smell
on occassion, 
would be Gwennie.

Gwennie is made of Paperclay 
that has been gently stained in layers.
Her base is a paper mache box bottom.

 Lots of hand stitches lend to her charm. She is dressed in a sweet blue tones
with a print wistful of older times.

Gwennie holds a woven wire basket
with preserved Sweet Annie.
She stands a petite 9 1/2 inches tall.

Gwennie is my original design and will come to you signed and dated.

Gwennie is 165.00
and 8.50 for her insured travel accommodations.

Thank you so much
for stopping by.
Gwennie has been spoken for

 To contact me for adoption, please email me at:

As with all of the Goode Wife's offerings, they are for display purposes and not for wee hands