Queen Anne's Shoe

Olde Shoes have inspired me yet again!
A wee sleepy mouse is curled up in one of Queen Anne's cast off shoes and now is a hanging pinkeep.

The shoe is made from 
a lovely wedgewood 
and cream tapestry fabric
 that is adorned with pink 
and fushia flowers.

 I have lightly tea dyed it 
for a pale and worn appearance. 
A hand stitched ribbon flower to sets it off.

The wee mousel is sound asleep on a tuft of antique horsehair stuffing.
Measures approximately 6 1/4" long
 and 4 1/2" high, 
not including the wire hanger

My original piece will come to you signed and dated.

Queen Anne's Shoe 
is 65.00 
and 7.50 for insured travel.

Thank you so much for stopping by~
Queen Anne's Shoe has been spoken for.

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This piece is for collectors and not meant for wee hands.


For your consideration, I present my Matilde.
She is a wink and a nod to the dollie pinkeeps of old. 
She is a wee Sparrow Ladye of the North Woods.

She is made of paperclay that has been stained in layers
to build up tone without taking away the porceline look of the clay.
Her base is a paper mache box bottom.

 Lots of hand stitches lend to her charm. She is dressed in beautiful calico of Ochre and Sepia tones that match her coloring.
Matilde holds a delicate handmade teapot with tiny roses and leaves painted on it. . She stands a very petite and delicate looking 6 1/2 inches tall.
The top of her skirt is made to hold your pins and needles.

Matilde is my original design and will come to you signed and dated.

She is 98.00
and 8.00 for her insured travel accommodations.

Thank you so much for stopping by~
Matilde has been spoken for.

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As with all of the Goode Wife's offerings, they are for display purposes and not for wee hands