Farmhouse Pinkeeps

Pinkeep #1
The sun sets at the farm this chilly November day,
The farm has been the home
 to several generations of 
families and critters.
Together they are all one big family,
 nestled in the cozy valley
of Pawlet, Vermont.

Wee young Mousels are taking
 a little nap before dinner...
they will be needed 
when Maude sits
to sew on missing buttons
 and darn a couple socks 
before her day ends.

After their meal of farmhouse cheddar 
and fresh baked pieces of bread, 
they will gather around Maude 
to help her pick the right size buttons,
 from the old button tin.

Pinkeep #2

The pieces (without the wire) measure
4" wide by 7" high. 
They have been made of 
sturdy navy ticking, 
with humble fabric scraps
and aged to reflect 
the years of service
 at the farmhouse.

The wee  cinnamon mousels
 are sound asleep
 on a tuft of 
antique horsehair stuffing.
Rusty, make-do wire 
has been attached
 in a serviceable manner,
 to hang in reach 
of your stitching chair.

My original piece will come to you signed and dated.

The Farmhouse Pinkeep is 48.00 
Travel expenses are 8.50
Thank you for stopping by~
both mousels are spoken for.
This piece is for collectors and not meant for wee hands.

For questions or to adopt a mousel,
please send an email to: