My love for the Adirondacks is never far 
from my heart 
and often reflected in my works.

This is Emma
my black bear ladye

She is made of paperclay 
on top of a paper mache cone.
she can sit on a shelf, 
or top a small prim tree.

Elle is dressed in a vining calico
of tan, green and orange.
She holds
a rusty wire basket 
that I wove,
 Her basket is filled 
with preserved Sweet Annie
 from my garden. 
She stands 9 3/4 inches tall.

Emma is my original design and will come to you signed and dated.

She is 118.00
which includes her insured travel accommodations.
thank you so much~
Emma has been spoken for.

 To contact me for adoption, please email me at:

As with all of the Goode Wife's offerings, they are for collectors and not for wee hands